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Recognise and reward your team of high performers with our annual Women in Mining & Resources Summit where they can reset, reflect, and refocus and be equipped with tangible leadership skillsets to take forward.

Our Women in Mining & Resources Summit is the perfect platform for your team to:
• Learn practical tools and strategies to thrive professionally and personally
• Build a network of supporters, mentors and advocates
• Expand their leadership potential and be leadership ready


Five benefits of sending your team to the Women in Mining & Resources Summit:

  1. Organisational visibility and branding: Book a group of 8 to get a reserved table with your logo, boosting your presence, showing support for women in leadership, and enhancing your brand's inclusive image. 

  2. Collective learning and implementation: Debrief as a group at the end of each day to discuss how to apply the day's key learnings to your organisation, as well as to your personal and professional development. 

  3. Foster camaraderie and collaboration: Build rapport in a relaxed environment, nurture greater collaboration, and develop a strong team bond. 

  4. Maximise learning and networking: Attending as a group allows team members to participate in different breakout discussions, share insights, and network broadly, fostering diverse connections and collaborative opportunities. 

  5. Greater value: While the upfront cost may seem high, sending a larger team to the Summit can reduce professional development costs in the long run. 

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