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Our Partners

The WA Mining Club (WAMC), established in 1972, is a premier networking organisation in Western Australia's mining sector. Originally founded by Perth-based industry professionals, the club's focus on regular networking and discussions has fostered its reputation for effectiveness. 


Committed to advancing the state's mining industry, WAMC facilitates knowledge sharing through monthly industry luncheons, the ECU Education Series, and various networking events.  


With a legacy of promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange, WAMC continues to play a vital role in the growth and development of Western Australia's mining community. 

Charity Partner

Voice of Hope was created to purely focus upon meeting the needs and specific requirements of Aboriginal women in the Western Australian prison system.

The incarceration rates of Aboriginal women in the Australian justice system are alarmingly high. An Indigenous woman in Australia is 21 times more likely to experience jail than a non-Indigenous woman. In Western Australia, this rate soars to 27 times more likely.

In the WA prison system, Aboriginal women make up 48% of the female population despite Indigenous people only comprising 3.2% of the state’s overall population.

The reasons underpinning this over-representation are complex and multifaceted, with the legacy of colonialism, dispossession of Aboriginal people and the subsequent generations of socio-economic disadvantage all important contributors. Regardless of the root causes, with incarceration rates so high, and recidivism rates incredibly high, it was largely felt in the Aboriginal community that the criminal justice system and existing programs were failing Indigenous women.

Endorsing Partner

The Energy Club of WA is an industry network and educational resource for the energy sector in Western Australia. 


We are a membership-based not-for-profit organisation comprising of members from all areas of the industry and associated service providers. 


We value the role we play in connecting people within the Energy industry, connecting the “Next Generation” in education to inspire their career pathways and connecting people to promote knowledge sharing amongst their peers. 


Our core objective is to provide a professional platform in which industry stakeholders can unite to facilitate continued growth and sustainability within the sector.  


Our activities are designed to create an environment where members can mix both professionally and socially in order to facilitate long term associations and business opportunities, and an arena for promoting continued professional development, education and public awareness. 


CEOs for Gender Equity is a dynamic consortium of forward-thinking CEOs committed to accelerating gender equity. We inspire, empower, and catalyse change at the highest echelons of business, dismantling systemic barriers, championing inclusivity, and driving impactful solutions.


Our thriving community of CEOs collaborate, share insights, and navigate challenges together, igniting a future where gender equity becomes a reality.

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